Monday, June 25, 2012

wow i am just horrible at is good im working at a place i really enjoy ive met an awesome friend that we just clicked. shes also known as my bussom buddy according to nathan lol. im gettin a new puppy and its bitter sweet for me. i tll be my first pet since jack died and i dnt wanna replace him, but i know its okay to have another doggy. but im so excited for azkaban i miss havin that unconditional love from this furry lil guy who wont let me down. i cant wait..

Saturday, January 28, 2012

new job

so its no surprise that i hated my job. there was days i wanted to cry cause i had to go in. i called it "hell" everytime i went in. i cannot beleive i lasted almost e yearsaa but i did for my family. i knew with out a doubt that walmart caused my migrianes, before i had to go in id get a bad head ache once i knew i wasnt going in itd get better a lil bit after, my days off i didnt get a migriane. before i worked at walmart i had a mon to fri job i 8 to 5 and i would only get a migriane maybe once a month. so i think its safe to say walmart was making me sick. how freakin sad and horrible is that!!!! so after new years i got sick and missed a week and then got really sick and missed a few more days, then i just wasnt feelin it i was over my breaking point mentally and emotionaly and physically. so i just stopped going, not very smart we really needed my checks cuz they cover food and bills. so ive never had such a hard time getting job interviews my gosh, finally i went to one today and i start monday. im lookin forward to being a regular 8 to 4 mon to fri and spending the nights with nathan and the weekends . nathan hated me workin nights cuz i only saw him during his lunch. im hopeful this new job will give me less migrianes and i can finally be a regular person.