Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

we did it! we had a good family get together without anydrama lol. this was the first time that my dads side of the family got together in like i wanna say a few decades, alot of people showed up, and my big brother lance and his family showed up and i havent seen or talked to him in almost a year, so it was nice surprise. no fights!we had it at katrinas house and it was filled! its definatly the side were i get my big nose and loud mouth from. i definatley was missing my germany family it wasnt the same without them. ill do pictures later im doing this from my phone lol.also everybody loved my pumpkin pie i made five pies and only one and a half was left it was a hit!yup i made good pie i was worried cuz i was makin some with a migriane and the tops got a little to brown so they looked burnt lol oh well....happy turkey day! i am thankful for my husband he is the love of my life and takes amazing care of me. i am thankful for everysingle member of my family (soon tobecome a part of my new tattoo)

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