Friday, September 16, 2011

Chronic Pain

No surprise here I get migrianes like almost everyday, if its not everyday its a few times a week, and if its not a migraine its a head ache. So I go to a doctor once a month for my Suboxone and I tell her everytime about my migraines and she just says just try doing this and that blah blah obviously its not working!!!! And it is not to the point were I have missed alot of work and even though I have an Intermitten LOA it can only get me so far plus I have noticed when ever I call out my head tends to feel better lol how sad is that! anyways I am fed up! I live in fear of my head aches I plan around my head aches "Oh let me see if I wake up with a head ache that day" who does that?!! Seriously!!! I had less migraines when I was using what the freakin heck! So Nathan as been gettin after me saying I need to force my doctor to do something because this isnt normal and i've herd people with migraines sometimes it ends up being a brain tumor or something in that area. So yesterday I went to the family doctor with my mom, my main reason is to get my head checked! I tell him the deal that I freaking sleep my life away I'm in fear constantly of gettin migraines and why the heck am i getting them and when I don't have them why am i always having head aches! He says its my age group in females and like 30 and over tend to get less of them . That frustrated me cause I've been getting them sense Jr high so how can it be my age group when I've been getting them before? So basically I have to waist my 20's because its the age group and then I can start living once I'm in my 30's??? I'm just frustrated. So he put me on a pill that is a migraine preventative that he's had alot of success with and I am scheduled today for an MRI. FINALLY!!! Sometimes I kinda hope there is something wrong just so I get answers, its so frustrating. So today we will finally see if my brain is sick lol.


tHEsIXpACK said...

I hope it's all fine of course, but I also hope the find the reason so this can get resolved. :) Good luck!

Tashina said...

I am so glad that you don't have a brain tumor:) I love you!!!