Friday, September 16, 2011

Chronic Pain

No surprise here I get migrianes like almost everyday, if its not everyday its a few times a week, and if its not a migraine its a head ache. So I go to a doctor once a month for my Suboxone and I tell her everytime about my migraines and she just says just try doing this and that blah blah obviously its not working!!!! And it is not to the point were I have missed alot of work and even though I have an Intermitten LOA it can only get me so far plus I have noticed when ever I call out my head tends to feel better lol how sad is that! anyways I am fed up! I live in fear of my head aches I plan around my head aches "Oh let me see if I wake up with a head ache that day" who does that?!! Seriously!!! I had less migraines when I was using what the freakin heck! So Nathan as been gettin after me saying I need to force my doctor to do something because this isnt normal and i've herd people with migraines sometimes it ends up being a brain tumor or something in that area. So yesterday I went to the family doctor with my mom, my main reason is to get my head checked! I tell him the deal that I freaking sleep my life away I'm in fear constantly of gettin migraines and why the heck am i getting them and when I don't have them why am i always having head aches! He says its my age group in females and like 30 and over tend to get less of them . That frustrated me cause I've been getting them sense Jr high so how can it be my age group when I've been getting them before? So basically I have to waist my 20's because its the age group and then I can start living once I'm in my 30's??? I'm just frustrated. So he put me on a pill that is a migraine preventative that he's had alot of success with and I am scheduled today for an MRI. FINALLY!!! Sometimes I kinda hope there is something wrong just so I get answers, its so frustrating. So today we will finally see if my brain is sick lol.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LIGHTS - Face Up (Lyrics)

I LOVE LOVE music, I've always loved it. My dream when I was little was to be a singer and thats all I did. I would still love to be one and by all the nail polish in the world (that was part of the reason I wanted to be a singer as a child). But I know It wont happen lol I can dream though. So I totaly believe music is a therapy it can make you feel sad happy mellow calm its a amazing what music is and what it can do. This song is probably my theme life song, I have trials in my life that some might not imagine and this song totally says it all. So Face Up and try your best to get through it.

Friday, September 9, 2011

VIDEO: 9/11 Tribute Song | Web Videos - 97.1 ZHT

This is a new updated version for the 10 yr annivsury of 9/11 and it just makes me bawl!!!

VIDEO: 9/11 Tribute Song Web Videos - 97.1 ZHT: A tribute for 9/11. DJ Sammy - 'Heaven' 9/11 Remix 2011 Version of (I Miss You Daddy).

Friday, September 2, 2011

Moving, cops, Phyconess

Busy Busy Busy!!! All Week I have been helping my momma pack up her house and move, you'd think we'd be pros at this well actually we are but it still never gets easy! My parents are moving from just down the street from me to all the way to AF!!! Wow. I am very sad, I love living so close to my family I got to see them at work and just zip down to say hi...I love my parents. Mom and I had do not make good moving partners lol omg you would of thought we were on something haha, even so a cop followed us home and even drove past us. Maybe cause at one point I was trying to slip my mom some "fun" pills instead of exedrine on the side of the road lol and then tried to feed her a pickle. Good times. Then Katrina came over and she is just so funny, that night home driving kat home was the funniest thing ever, i couldnt eat my food cause I just couldnt stop laughing at Katrina! wow what a day!