Sunday, August 7, 2011

My "kids" for the weekend

For the 24th weekend Jon took Katrina out for their Annivursary. I said I would watch their kids, So I get their Saturday morning they leave and it was hot so I said lets try out their new slip n slide, so were in the backyard and you can only have so much fun on a slip n slide and Kat told me bout this splash pad and so Mallory said why dont we eat lunch there, i said great idea! haha she's so smart. So I go pack up a lunch, get everything ready and we head out. I did get lost but I finally managed my way over the park lol. it was one hot day! So we stayed thier for awhile, the kids wanted to try out the awesome looking park with crazy toys so we went their but it was getting soo dang hot and Jaxy was just bright red so i said lets go home rest up cause that night was the Dancing in the street. So we left put jaxy down for a nap watched Tv rested up and then the kids kept saing they wanted to go to the Dancing in the street. So we go and I forgot Jaxy's bottle and while walking Lincolns foot feel some drain in the side walk and it scratched him so that put him in a bad mood, and so Mall and Hall go out and I was saying to them go dance and I guess hallie didnt like being told to dance so she got mad and didnt wanna dance anymore and also "this is the 2 time she had to dance in front of so many people" so she didnt want to. Poor Mall sucha good girl she stayed out there the whole time by herself just dancing, Jaxy kept wanting out of the stoller and so Mall kept an eye on him but i was so paranoid of lossing him that Ikept making him sit in the stroller. It was fun lots of people were there the music was fun, it was pretty cool. So after bout an hour maybe Lincy has to go potty Jaxy is being awnery will not hold still and then finally Hallie goes out to dance. So i say we need to go home cause it just wastn working lol. Onthe way home we see fireworks, the kids liked that. We get home kids get ready for bed, I watch Tv and i hear the fireworks and they are so close and loud! so I'm like haning out of Katrinas bedroom window (they had no screen) and im watching them, then Hallie comes out ( i cant believe she'snot asleep yet!) to go potty. So I tell her come over and I let her watch the fireworks for a few minutes, She was sayin how she cant wait to tell Mallory because she would of loved watching them. and I thought it was so awesome of her to be thinking of her sister and wanting to have her sister see it too but excited to at lest tell her. Their so sweet. So we all go to bed. Wake up hallie tells me Mallory wasnt very excited to hear bout the fireworks lol cause i guess she wanted to see them. So I woke up with a little head ache I didnt get much sleep and when that happens I usually get a migraine, so Nathan said hed watch em while i took a nap. So we went to my house, i went to bed Nathan watched teh kids. I get up and the kids have lots of energy caue my house isnt kid house i have no toys no tv but movies and no toys outside! so they were gettin rowdy well the boys lol so we finally go over to moms we went to the park had pizza and played on the toys. Go home time for time. Next morning We were gonna go to the water park again I made the lunches and everything! but the weather wasnt turning out very nice it was cloudy and kinda windy so Mallory once again or hallie says well we cant just play on the toys. DUh!!! omg i'm so dumb lol i'm hello they dont have to go in the water haha so i'm like lets go! So we pack up and go on the toys Jaxy loves teh swings so do the girls Lincy goes off does he's own thing. but after like an hour its gettin Hot! So i'm like lets go to the water. i had to run to the car so i told the kids stay on this bence do not move, I come back and Lincy is gone. Ugh. He's no were at the park so we all say he's run off to the water. I'm like that boy is so grounded lol. We get their and their he is! I say Lincy your in time out, I told you to never go anywere with out telling me and you took off, he says he didnt see me I said then if you dont know were I am you stay right were you are and were I knew you were. Poor guy he was so heart broken but he took off so i had to put him in time out :( A lil later Katrina and Jon show up, Surprise! I thought they were still in SL so the kids were so excited we go home did presents and hung out. It was so fun i was so pruod of myself I was more of a home mom then i thought i'd be haha. So after I left a few days later I was having kids withdrawls lol i seriously missed them! but it was a fun weekend. The Pictures are out of order!

First Day at the Splash Pad. We were all eating lunch.

The slip n slide

At the Dancing in the street

First day at Splash Pad

Mall Dancing

Mall with Jaxy

the girls

Oh hallie

Poor Lincy in Time out

Smily Jaxy

Jaxy again eating his lunch

he loved the swings

he says "weee Weee" i love him

Our second time eating lunch

She was such a good helper

he loves me


Shes so good to him, he loves her

these swings were awesome. so comfy

They had fun

Jack Necklace

A few weeks ago I watched Katrina's kids for the weekend while they went on their anniversary, when they got back they came baring gifts! Katrina got me this awesome necklace! It of course represents pirates which everyone who knows me knows its my most of all time favorite movies and of course my most favorite of all time Captain Jack Sparrow a.k.a Jonny Depp!!!!!! So score on that, but then it says Jack awww of course i love even more cause its my baby's name and obviously i loved him so much i freakin got his paw print tattooed on my leg haha so anyway i can show my love is a score! haha Thanks Trina i freakin love it! and of course I also love the other necklace and the extensions!!!!!


So I bought a well my mom bought them at the time but I got a pair of tan corduroys(sp??) in Jr. High and I wore em a few times, but then years later when I got a job at Walmart they became My everyday work pants. So I have been at Walmart for a little over 2 years and my pants have been through the ringer they started getting a hole in the back pocket, and the front of em started to wear downa bit. If you looked at them you wouldn't know they were corduroys! So my mom threatened she was gonna take em and throw them away cause there so worn down, I said No! I'll throw em away when they are un wear able. these are my favorite work pants their the most comfy and I like em! Well my mother jinxed me, I think no longer then a week later I had a stupid customer and I let her be stupid because I was in a bad mood and this lady was just dumb. She ended up dropping her milk and it split open so like a good worker i freaking went over bent down "RIIIIIPPPPPP!!!!!!! My freakin pants just ripped! the customer just stands their doesn't give a freakin crap that i ripped my pants because i was cleaning up her mess! So lucky for my it was time for my lunch and I'm like this rip is to bad they wont let me wear em so i go home and finally say goodbye to my favorite pants...I think I'll make em into shorts lol.

Date Night

Last Tuesday I had work off and the only time Nathan and I see eachother lately is when I get home after work while he's heading to bed. So we decided it was time for a date! Nathans sister got us gift certificates for Mongolian BBQ Grill, So we went had a good dinner and Nathan wanted to go to borders and lucky us well sadly they are going out of business so the books were cheap and we love cheap books! I got a book called "All Pets go to Heaven" cause I just need to know what happens when your dog dies and were they go cause i totally believe in spirits and that they can totally show themselfs to you or let you know their there. And I know for a fact that Jack has visited a few times which he hasnt come lately that i know of and its kinda sad so i got the book to know what happens and all that stuff. Nathan has been reading the 3rd book out of a 3 book series lol so he wanted to get the first 2 books and read them in order haha so he gots 2 books. It was fun we had good time, sometimes you feel disconeccted so a good date night always helps! Plus i never get to dress up anymore I have all these cloths!! That i never get to wear some of them still have the tags on them because all i wear is my work cloths or chill out cloths. So i finally get to wear my cloths! And my high heels are feeling way to neglected! All in all it was a great night!!!!