Friday, April 8, 2011

Small update

Okay I have a few minutes to write! Here's a little update I'll go into details later. First in Feb Nathan lost his job, which was a huge blow to us financially. We live off every single check we get and Nathans checks finished rent off. So it is just me working and only getting paid 9.15 (only this month this pay rate started) and barley getting 35hrs a week is not going to pay the bills or rent! Its really stressful, i'm very stressed about making sure I get to work everyday and try to get hours but my job is so employee unfriendly that its hard. i get migraines and it makes me miss work and I got in trouble for missing work and its fusterating that i have a doctors note for it and they know i get them but they wont try and work with me and give me a line here. so if i get another migraine that puts me out andi miss work I'm gettig a "D" day which is I get a paid day off and they decide wheather I get to keep my job or not. So being stressed doesnt help me avoid migraines....I've been out of touch with my friends since high school and just recently i have gotten in touch with them and it feels awesome having girl friends again. I didnt realize how nice it is to just get away get out of the house and do something. Bri my friends husband coty is trying to help nathan get this contruction job that helps build bridges so please pray that he gets it!!! I"m missing Jack liek crazy everytime he gets mentioned i start to tear up, I found a video of him running in my sisters backyard right before the wedding and he is just soo happy like you cant miss that huge smile on his face, and i really want to get that video off my old phone but i cant get it to keep a charge. now i'm headed off to trina's to watch the kids while she goes register lincy for some school.

stupid early morning!

Its is 8 am. I am not happy. I do not wake up this early, it kills me! The things I do for my sister..........