Friday, March 25, 2011


I'll tell you a tale Vampirates,
A Tale as old as true.
Yea, I'll sing you a song of an ancient ship,
And it's mighty fearsome crew.
Yea, I'll sing you a song of an ancient ship,
That sails the oceans blue....

The Vampirate ship has tattered sails,
That flap like wings in flight.
They say that the captain, he wears a veil
so as to curtail your fright
At his death-pale skin
And his lifeless eyes
And his teeth as sharp as night.
Oh, they say that the captain, he wears a veil
And his eyes never see the light.

You'd better be good, child-good as gold,
As good as can be.
Else I'll turn you in to the Vampirates
And wave you out to sea.
Yes you'd better be good, child-good as gold.
Because-Look! Can you see?
There's a dark ship in the harbor tonight
And there's room in the hold for thee!
(Plenty of room for thee!)

Well if pirates are bad,
And vampires are worse,
Then I pray that as long as I be
That though I sing of Vampirates
I never one shall see.
Yea, if Pirates are danger
And Vampires are death,
I'll extend my prayer for thee-
That thine eyes never see a Vampirate....

......and they never lay a hand on thee.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy 23 to me!!!!

oops i deleted this and it should be at bottom girls and kids!

Happy 23 to me!!YAY. I had an amazing Birthday! (sorry pictures arent in order of the day) First mom and kat come over to pick me up to go to the movie, and they bring me by present in and its in a big bag so i'm like thinkin oh no is it like a Wii or what I had no clue! so I open it and its a Laptop!!! Now I dont have to fight nathan over teh computer and I can skype my sista in Germany!

This is the end of the night were I got to skype min and the kids!

Nathan Bringing me my yummy yummy cake!
My crazy family. I love em to death!

Hunter he's such a good kid

I love my baby brother! he was bein a teaser all night

Boys. playing with their phones, showing off pictures

Waiting for my cake!!!!

I had to make sure my wish comes true!

I have such a sexy husband who loves me!

he's such a perfectionist

Say Cheese!!

My daddy who i love so much!

Kay so this is before the movie

My family is so good to me its ridiculous! Look at my sexy computer!!!!

Haha I just love this picture trina always makes me laugh

I was in shock, I was not expecting anything like this! All I told them was I am totaly happy with a Book!!!!

yes I know I am a cry baby, I've been realy missin my baby and this is my first time with out him so they got me a card with a doggy on the front and the inside said " Somewere someone is wagging a tail for you" and that just hit me cause it's totally true, Jack would be waggin his curly tail for his mommy!

Trina got me a Edward music card :) love it

I still cannot believe its mine

Mom and nathan were talking and i'm trying to guess what it could be!

the movie, we went and saw Justin Bieber. it wa very insight ful. I liked it alot. We had the whole theater to ourslefs

Mom Proving she was there takin the pictures

Gettn ready and that pop corn was yummy

Happy Valentines!!

Valentines Day was kinda a chill one. Nathan had to go into work that night so we just hung out together, moneys really tight so we didnt do nothing speacial, he made a pork dinner which was yummy! I'm not much of a meat lover and this pork i was even sucking the bone cause the flavor was soo yummy and we just watched Fools Gold.

We get this knock on our door and I open it and its a Heart Attack from my awesome Nieces and nephews! Nathan and I loved it!

It was definatly a heart attack!

Even Hallie decorated our wall!
Thanks guys we love you lots!!!!!