Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Babe!

Today is Nathan's Birthday, he is turning 30! It just seems so crazy to me that he's 30! LOl i have no clue why though..But I know people are saying well why arent your doing a big 3 0 birthday for him. well first off i'm not that type of person that plans all these partys and stuff and if i did try ot we dont got any friends so itd only be my family and we do family bdays anyway sooo i kinda dont see the point. but we have tomorrow off so well go out then. Love you babe your awesome and I hope your birthday is great!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Maverick!!!

Happy Birthday Maverick!!! My maverick turned 4! He is the funniest cutest craziest man ever! He sure know's how to make you smile. I love his Raspy voice. I miss you tons bud and love yousooo much! I wish i was there for your Birthday!

My 2 lil mans!

Update: Christmas & New Years

Okay so It's harder for me to put pictures on cause I have to email them from my phone to my email then save em from my email and come here to post its a tedious job and its annoying so I will post pictures tomorrow my day off . Okay so like I said Christmas we went to Katrina's the part I didn't mention is going over to mommas house. Can I just say when all of us Wininger siblings get together it's a riot, we got brothers sizing each other up challenging them to a wrestle in this case mom said NO wrestling so we ended up doing arm wrestling. You know the brothers gotta show who's boss and the toughest. And when that starts happening can i just say my family is LOUD were the loudest in America i bet. WE got 5 siblings in 1 house each has a spouse and then 13 midgets! Insane. We also had a monkey fight its a strecthy catapult monkey thing he's awesome and you strecth him ad launch him at your family members ( of course my family doesn't obey the rules, the monkeys are just to see how far you can throw em) my family we like to cause pain ha ha and throw em at each other! Can i just tell you i never laughed so hard, well i have but this is funny. we didn't really get to do it when all the kids were there cause these monkeys hurt, so after everyone left Jon and Kat stayed that's when the real war broke out. Mom was aiming at dad dad was aiming at mom mom was aiming at Jon mom and Jon aiming at Katrina ha ha omg craziness! Dad got smacked in the face a few times snicker snicker, mom got hit in the face ha ha omg i cant stop laughing! Miraculously nothing broke. the end result the monkeys were dead broken gone! Fun times, we got pictures and videos so i'll have to talk to Katrina..

New Years was a very quiet night. The first time most of the family wasnt together, Witts and Gillmans were at some hotel in Salt Lake. Colton and Lacey went to a friends :( Lance and swayze stayed home. Sooo Nathan and I took the party to my parents house. mom was watching Lincoln and Mckadie and Jaxson can i just say lincoln+Mc= total craziness!!! poor mom lol so we went over and we watched Robin Hood (sexy Russel Crowe) and then were like oh 1 minute get in the kitchen lol so we count down from what the microwave said lol we didnt have tv so it said midnight cheers!!! Nathan couldnt stop kissing me mom and dad smooched and that was it we went and finished our movie :) like i said very calm quiet new years! Happy New Years!!!
So I feel like this will be a good year for us, were moving into a new appartment which i think were really gonna like and hopefully I'll get another job but i think 2011 will be good. I"m still having thoughts about not leaving this appartment that this is Jacks home this is were he knows , i'm percrastinating going to the back yard to pick up his stuff its still just how he left it :( I need to get his blanket and wash it so that i can keep it . Alright gotta go!