Sunday, December 26, 2010

Diesel Lyric Wininger

Okay we got another baby in the family, my only older brother Lance had his first baby on the 20th his name is Diesel Lyric Wininger. He is the first baby to carry out the Wininger name, he's the first baby from a brother of mine. He's just the first in alot of things. He's really cute looks like Lance, Lance is so sweet with him it's funny to watch him.
Also on this day or the 2 day Lance called my sister Mindy and let me tell you that was a shocker for everyone, I think some good came out of this.. Hopefully some broken/hurt hearts can start mending and we can be a family again.

Merry Christmas!!!

Sorry i cant copt and past so this should be under my info.....Thanks Min we love it!

Christmas Eve Nathan and I both worked till bout 8pm we went over to Katrina's to spend the night to have Christmas with her family since it's just me and Nathan and our house is far from being Christmasy. We woke up Nathan got me some Victoria Secret stuff :) and I got him a GUN! He's always wanted one for "home Protection" and he was very happy to get it, he would not stop holding it all day LOL. After presents we went over to my mom's and had a regular filled day of the Winingers. Winingers get together=LOUD,FUN, MIdgets! We didnt leave mom's and dad's till 11:30.

My presents from Nathan

Nathan lovin on Chewy

Nathan checking out his new favorite toy

I love my Husband

He's just laughing away cause he already knew what he was getting, what a brat!

Finally figuring that he got what he guessed AND Wanted.

I cant believe him!

Him faking that he didnt know

Friday, December 24, 2010

6 Years!

I just wanna say I love my husband! we went on our first date this day 6 years ago! I wouldnt change a thing! We've been through hell and back, we've been through a drug stage together, we've been through joyous times, we've been through heart ache, we've been through alot that puts strains on relationship but we stuck through it. I love this guy, he makes me laugh everyday. after 5 years of trying to get him to marry me I finally got him to tie the knot. Happy 6th yr Anniversury!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Okay so christmas every year is a little on the cheap side, even though Nathan and I love what we get eachother I really wanted to get Nathan something he has been wanting FOREVER and I always told him "NO". So this year instead of giving Nathan money to buy me something I just kept it so I could put it towards his present. I"m seriously content and happy just having Nathan and being able to call him "My Husband" i seriously feel like the song

I dont want alot for Christmas
There's just one thing I need
I dont care about the presents
Underneath the christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More then you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for christmas is.....

I know he's gonna want to get me something but since I took the money he might not be able to LOL.
So ya I"m so excited for this present...I especially want to thank my brother Jon i would of had absolutley no idea what I was doing and he saved my butt cause they wouldnt let me get this present ..I cant give details cause Nathan might read this and find out what it is!!!!! But I will tell more when he opens it! on the 24 me and Nathan have been together for 6 yrs!!! wow! that is amazing to me . I've always been the player i've never really stuck with 1 guy i liked variety i told my sisters theres no way i could get married i would get so bored being with the same guy for my whole life they said once you find the one you wont care i'm like ya right! and low and behold I have been faithfully with my guy for 6 yrs! I love him. He's even a red head and i said i would never be with a red head lol, he's breaking all my rules!

Monday I got a new nephew Diesel Lyric Wininger, i freakin love the name Diesel because Vin Diesel is one sexy man! This is my brothers first baby and the first baby to carry on the Wininger name.

I wanna give a shout out o my sista in Germany! I think bout you daily and miss your kids like crazy!!! I love you tons sister and really miss you all! Your not forgotten my love.

I've had 4 realitors come walking through my house haha good luck wanting to buy this dump. I got renters coming to look too! My house has never had so many people in 1 week come through it. It sure is making me keep it all nice and clean :) I cannot wait to move into ournew home, get some heating and a working washer and dryer ...a few weeks ago i had a incident at work were I wore Jeans instead of my tan pants and they said you need to change I said my pants are dirty if you send me home i'm not coming back. so they went and talked to the manager and she said i either need to change or go home i said fine i'm going home, i'm not gonna wear dirty pants that I feel are to dirty and i'm not comfortable wearing em. and to me it was i was embarressed to admit I dont have a washer i wear the same pants daily its humilitaing i broke down its like a pride thing I'm to prideful to admit I dont have enough money to live in a house were everythign works, i dont have enough money to wash my cloths all the times we do laundry maybe once a for work to not just let me have 1 night of wearing jeans because I cant afford to wash my pants at that time is humilitaing! so i called my mom she was my ride to work and said i need to go home, she talked to me said i need to just suck it up ( she said it in a much nicer way) but i need to hold it together and keep my job and not be stubborn after half hour of bawling my mom came helped me find pants and i went back to working...point of this story is that I am sooo happy to move ina place were i can wash our laundry now! Its kinda pathetic. bye now!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Videos of my baby

Wedding pictures

My mommy and daddy

Nathan and his best friend dane
I love him

Colton got the garder and low and behold he got married 1 yr later
Oooh lala
man he got me back
I told him I was gonna get him!

Amber and Paige came! I was so glad they did
Love these girls
Nathan's grandparents. love these people
Me and Lance
Nathan's Family
Nathan's family Top left: Jim(dad) Brian Becka (sister) Rachel (sister) Jarom Paul?
Bottom Left: Grandma skinner Patty (stepmom) me nathan Julie (mom) Grandpa skinner

Love my dress!!!!
My Family Lance was a lil late

My big huge family! missing Lance
Top Left: Jon Brian Tashina MIndy Seth
Bottom Left:Katrina Mom me Nathan DAd Coltong
bottom left: Maverick, Sadie, Hallie, McKadie, Cameo, Navi, Lincoln, Mallory, Hunter, Kenya and baby jaxson in trina tummy

I do
My daddy walkin me

Vidoes of my baby

Old Random PIctures i found

My dress is AMAZING!!! Im sorry but its the best.

My Bridals only some of them

My sweet baby probably gettin into trouble lol
Wow! This is 10th grade I believe i had my mom take these so i could send em to a Missionary lol
I love love kissin him
Lol look how young
My jack sparrow
I think this is the only family picture of us
Long ago
Talkin on the phone and might i add this was my FAVORITE phone

Hmmmm I love me some ice cream!
My baby gets a upset tummy when we go on long walks so i picked him upso he wouldnt have to walk...I love him
Cameo at her feild day
Me and Nena
I am soooo proud of this guy! Love youSeth
Vidoe's of my baby