Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meet & Greet book Signing

Ever since November of last year I had a co-worker who let me borrow one of her books from an author that she really liked, so I read the book "A Crimson Frost" and absolutely LOVED it! I had her let me borrow another one of hers "The Fragrance of Her Name" LOVED that one as well! After those 2 I was hooked, I had to start getting my own collection of her books and read every one. It took me awhile to figure out how I was gonna get the books alot of stores don't sell them so I had to order them from Barnes and Noble..When I was reading her books and reading a different book I kept thinking that I need to read Marcia Lynn McClure's book this one is not exciting me like Marcia's! So anyways I love this Author Marcia Lynn McClure, she writes romance book and they are the good clean fun romance books "It's all about the Kissing" in these books, their just amazing! I have been waiting for Months and Months for her to have her Meet and Greet in Utah and turns out she was going to do one in Provo :) I was soo excited. I patiently waited for August and I would check her website to see any updates and I swear it said her Provo meeting was towards the end of the month, well last night for some reason I checked her website and it said the Meet and Greet was TONIGHT! I bout had a heart attack, I have been planning and waiting for months to go and just knowing I ALMOST missed it bout sent me into a crying mess. I called off work :( Shame on me but I Couldn't miss this..I told Nathan that I"m sorry but your getting dropped off at work almost an hour early I need to go early and get a good spot in line cause I will not miss this for coming to late! I get there about 5:45 and it don't start till 7. I walk in and this really sweet lady comes to me says this is the VIP greeting and that I can go do whatever and be back by 7 cause that's when they'll let us in. I go sit in my car for 20 min and realize they probably don't take Debit.I walk to the front desk of the Hotel and right when I'm crossing the street the same cute lady drives by stops and says she wanted to give me this ticket cause I was so cute for coming so early and she wants me to be the first in line!

I was really excited that was really nice of her. So I go get cash and come back and I see people going in so I decide to head in too. There was a few girls in front of me but I wasn't worried cause little did they know I was the first person! LOL. We wait for a bit but it was fun and then right when they let us in Mom shows up just in time and we go in we purchase the books and then go sit and wait to be called... Marcia comes up and she answers a few question and she is the cutest, funniest, sweetest down to earth person, I could talk to her forever. It's time for us to go see Marcia and the sweet lady says to me okay your the first come on up! Okay so when i came in the 2 time there were 3 ladies at the front of the row and you could tell they were the type like I'm first and I'm gonna be first type thing ya know? Well when the sweet lady says come up one of them makes a comment saying " I knew she'd be first" like she had a feeling I'd be the first ticket called, i ignored it and went up and sat with Marcia and we talked I admitted that I have a crush on her Husband from the picture of him in the back of her books there's 2 pictures I love that he just looks very good in and that I tell my husband and so she gives me a better picture of the 2 pictures I like of him she was so funny about it saying that he'd love to take a picture with me and to sign as well...She asked which was my first book to read and I told her and said that the first 2 i read are my favorites and she just acted more pleased and happy that those were mine because she really likes those as well, it was just awesome! I got a picture with her and signed books and it was soo worth it. It's hard to explain how I felt but I'm glad I got to share it with my mom..

She was so funny, she was trying to hide behind me act like my body was her's and say " I'm skinny!" She made my face go so red!

She was just awesome!

Her handsome Husband

Me and my Mommy, thanks for coming!

All my books that I got signed, I'm only missing one cause I let mom borrow it to read :) enjoy!

Just takin pictures in the car waiting to go back inside...I was having a good confidence day.


My Purple glasses with my purple shirt!

Oh ya

My amazing Pucker lips. Nathan just laughs every time I try to go in for a kiss cause apparently I go in like this lol I don't mean too!!!