Monday, June 21, 2010

Simple I am a Drug Addict

Plain and simple I am addicted to drugs especially Heroine. I am not ashamed or embarrassed I did it I'm done end of story. The reason that made me want to do this is cause whenever i watch a movie or a show or hear people talking bout "druggies" they make it sound soo much worse. Like on TV or a movie someone will be taking pain pills or some kind of drug and then automatically it starts working and then the person starts acting all stupid and wobbly and cant think right, granted there are some drugs that mess up your thinking but the way TV betrays drug users is soo false! and that's what pisses me off cause it makes people think that were this crazy out of control druggie. Not every drug user is like and shouldn't be betrayed like the people on TV they make it look so much worse its crazy. Ive associated with people who i would never associate with if i didn't do drugs, Ive seen things that most people cant think of I've been in situations were its crazy I'm still okay. The drug scene isn't a pretty one, but I just get annoyed when movies and TV betray us as these cray horrible people stay away their drug addicts blah blah blah. Were not all bad, their are some bad ones but the way TV shows it its not accurate, at lest with how i was . When you think of a "Drug Addict" you automatically think bad stuff and wont give a second glance. That's not fair with all drug addicts, theres some really good people who just have a problem and yes there are once good people who have a problem and they let that change them. i knew somebody, they were the nicest person very cool person and once they started using a certain drug they changed you wouldn't even know it was still the same person, they let the drug change them which is sad. I changed a little but i didn't let my drugs change me completely. I just dont want people believing that what they see on TV or movies when it comes to drug users that it's all correct. I was a drug user for a little over a year then I started to use Heroine which I love for 7 months straight.. I am not a bad person I am a normal 22 yr old who has expirenced a little more then others and I'm not ashamed of it ;) Judge me whatever be small minded, I don't care.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Gone to Germany

My dear sister and her family left to Germany on Thursday, it was really tuff saying goodbye to her and the those stinkin cute kids. She has always been an amazing sister (has bit of a temper) but she's still the best. We've had some fun times and some hard times but what sister's don't??? I had a really hard time the last week they were here, but I know that I will go and visit really soon so it's not too bad but still it's never easy saying goodbye to a sister even if she's just leaving the country. It's really hard because I want to see them grow up, I had really really sucky aunts when growing up who I felt like didn't give a crap about me so I'm trying to do everything that i wished my aunts would of done and for them to leave and me not able to go see them do a school dance or a play or whatever it is, it sucks. But I love you Brady's and I can't wait to come visit!