Friday, May 7, 2010


Alrighty...I'm just gonna post some random pictures over the last few weeks.

Sittin in car while on break at work.
I went to my mom's a few Sunday's ago and had dinner with them, it was nice to see the family. this is McKadie she is a freakin crack up! I could not stop laughing at her. She is doing some crazy face like always.
My sweet baby, sleepin on the couch.
Nathan and I went over to Katrina's awhile back and she showed us this toy thing that was awesome. Nathan decided to have a go on it!
The Sunday I went to my parents we also went to my house to give mom my dryer since my house is CRAP and can't even do my laundry in my own home why not let her use it?
More pictures at work
Mindy remember this shirt??? LOL ya I still got it
I was a perfect house wife my day off. I did all the freakin laundry! 5 baskets full see behind me. Then I made some yummy chicken with DELICIOUS sauce hmmm yummy. Love the apron my sista's got me? Trying out some new lip gloss from Hard Candy.
The End

The Last Song

Okay so I figured I'd start making post's about what book(s) i just finished reading. Kinda like a book club on posting :) So I got done reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks.. I liked the book, i wanted to read it before I saw the movie, to me while i was reading it I couldn't figure out how this book was turned into a movie, I felt that it wasn't really movie material. now that i think about it i think that it could be a good movie between a daughter finding a relationship with her dad. haven't seen the movie yet so I"m still a lil iffy on if it could of been turned into a movie. i love Miley so I'm sure its a good movie..

Thought I'd show my wonderful pucker lips..Nathan gets a laugh every time I do this to kiss him lol.
I liked this hat of Nathan so i wore it plus I didn't wash my hair so its covering it
I remember in my photo album as a little girl I did a face like that so I thought I'd do it 20 yrs later....It shows of my wonderful hidden Dimple I got from my mother :)

We Made it!

Nathan and I on our first day off together in a while decided we want to be active this summer get out side more enjoy the weather, so Monday we decided to go on a hike. The pictures show from last to first (Sorry) LOL....

This is Nathan needing to take a pit stop He He
He's so sexy, I told him to take his shirt off so I could watch his muscle work on his body cause its hot! But he said no that he's too white( which he is, He is a red head after all).
Saluting, why?? No Idea
Took another stop, that hike worked us hard, I can't believe how out of shape I am!
Looking over the valley. That's the road to my house Kinda
Gotta kiss....Its funny cause this is the spot in my Bridal picture that I made a heart with my hand :)

Memories....This is were I took my Bridals..On these stairs is one of my Favorite pictures of my dress
Waiting for Nathan to finish making his Pit stop

This is when we started our hike

LOL okay 2 reason's for this picture # 1 I got a new Lip Gloss from Hard Candy and I liked it so I thought I'd take a Picture of it in the sun :) #2 Nathan and I are always laughing and making fun of Bret Micheal's pictures because His lips are always puckered out! So this is my Bret Michael's pose

Waiting for Nathan, he ran back to the car to get some Medicine
Excited for the hike to begin!