Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It is my dear dear sweet nieces birthday today. She is turning 9! I can't believe how old she is getting. I still remeber when she was a baby and now she's growin up! Kenya is in Cali with her family visiting her Dad. I miss you Kenya and I love you tons!!! your gonna have a great Birthday. She is such a happy goofy girl she just rocks!

I made a lil sign for Kenya since I can't see her on her big day!

Home cooked Meal

Okay so for those of you who know me I do not like to cook, I suck at it and Its just something I don't like doing. Well Nathan has been hounding me to cook him food ever since we were dating an I said once your marry me I'll cook for ya! well we've been married for almost a year now and I haven't cooked a thing! Well I'm okay I'm gonna try and cook this chicken I got. So I called up my sista and asked her what the heck to do lol and I'm glad I did cause I would of completely did it wrong.

So this is the chicken and the milk and the crust stuff you put over the chicken, i hate the feel of chicken it was so gross!!
After they all were coated :) I did a good job
now there cookin time to take pictures!
My sista got me this Apron for Mothers day a year or 2 ago! Also see my new hair?

The finished project! They turned out really good Nathan really liked them which is why I cooked them! yay me

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I've been having a really hard time with knowing I might have to adopt if I ever want to have any kids and knowing that I don't know if we could ever afford to even do Artificial Insemination. So I see all these people being pregnant or having babies and being at work and seeing all these adorable little babies and kids that I just want to quite and work some were where I don't have to see all these babies. I know right now isn't a good time for us to even think about having kids but its just the fact that I know I cant get pregnant and experience it is what I think bothers me the most. I especially get bothered by hearing about another girl who just gets knocked up and doesn't have a care in the world Its just not fair to those who can't or are having a hard time getting pregnant. I don't think its wrong of me to be a little jealous or feel a little resentment towards people who are pregnant its just how i feel. I'm afraid that if I do adopt I'm not going to love them like I would my own that i wont see them as fully my very own kid, I don't know maybe I'm just not mature enough and it'll change once i get older. Nathan is awesome we were watching Juno and I just started crying and he just held me and said it'll be okay that we'll have kids but not right now, I love him and its not his fault.....I love my nieces and nephews ATON and am so happy I live close to them for now they are my kids and their awesome

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Hair

I have been wanting to do something different with my hair for awhile now, I just couldn't decide what! I know I wanted to change my color and do like a style haircut but I figured I'd wait till I had money to get my hair cut I'm trying to grow it out I just want style to it..I had a customer come through my line like bout 2 weeks ago and it was like almost black but with red in it I thought it was really cute so I asked her what color it was she said Black Cherry from Sally's I'm like awesome that's the color I'm gonna do! So yesterday Mindy picks me up we go to Trina's and I figure I'm gonna surprise Nathan and color my hair. I get the color and me and Kat are doing it we wash it out and my hair is literally PURPLE! I'm like this is not what I wanted! I call Sally's tell them my hair is PURPLE she says to come in and she'll give me what I need to fix it the lady was really nice she gives me the stuff and I go back to Kat's and we fix it! It was a long day my head feels like its been through the ringer but my hair turned out and I love it and Nathan loves it. Its looks like a dark Burgundy but with red in it I think its awesome!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I have always wanted to go to the temple It's always been something I've wanted to do, even if I wasn't the active girl I was suppose to be the temple has always sill been in my mind.Now I've struggled with drug addictions for along time, having premarital sex, living with another man i've been doing all these things that were stopping me from being able to start going to the temple..WELL now that I am married and am allowed to live with another man and have sex and I'm not doing drugs I feel like I am ready to start trying to reach my goal on getting to the temple! I went and talked to my bishop I'm doing what I'm suppose to do and I start my temple prep class next week. I'm really excited I hope that this is the right time for me and if not then I'll know but right now i have a goal and I will do what I need to and if things happen I'll take them as they come but I feel good Im happy and this is a new exciting thing for me!