Monday, January 18, 2010

Hunter Baptism

Hunter got baptized a few months ago and tashina finally showed the pictures haha..

Here is the Witts..Trina was at home with the sick boys
This is the whole family
Nathan Hunter and I..I still remeber when Hunter was just a little baby with a big head :)
Grandma and Grandpa Wininger
Lance and Mckadie..He loves these kids
The Siblings minus Trina and Shina
Lance and his soon to be new family!
Hunter and His family
Uncle Colton
Seth and Mindy
Hunter and Me!
Lance with Hunter

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yup! I got Mold in my BEDROOM....If it was somewere else in the house I wouldnt mind as much but its in my ROOM.. So we new we had a LITTLE mold in our room until last night. Last night Nathan moved the stuff that we had in the corner of our room thats by the back door and this is what we found!

This is after we've sparyed it and let it sit on the mold.
This is just right after we've moved everything. It's so freakin disgusting, i cant believe something like this is in my house!
This WAS Nathan's speaker but now its coverd in mold.
So we sprayed it all down with Bleach and just scrubbed it off. We still need to move the bed out and the other dresser to see what the damage is there. I don't think its this bad but we will see...Our is full of moisture from the shower and that door I think gots somethign to do with it as well. so now we either let mold grow or open the windows and jsut let the room big a freezer :) Love my life!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


New Years we spend it at Katrina's House. They are such great host..It was a great fun night. Mom and Dad were there as well.

Jaxy and Me... I freakin L.O.V.E this little baby
All I did was love tap Jon for him doing something to me and he freakin goes after my leg! i would of fought back, but since these were new cloths I couldn't ruin them!! Next time Jonny boy
Nathan was an awesome sport and started attacking the kids by throwing balls at them. they all got together and charged him!
Me and my hubby "trying" to watch the movie 9. LOl don't ask about what he's doing.
Like I said I love this baby so whenever I'm around I'm his "Mom". He was so fun to feed
Me and my Hallie girl. She helped me big time on this game. She was freakin awesome at finding the things.
this was a really fun game.
Us Girls. I love my sisters like no other! I was thinking of you Tashina!
I couldn't of asked for better sisters :)
I'm standing there watching the New york ball drop on TV and here comes Nathan
and I'm Down for the kiss!
This was a New years hat we put it on him it went all the way down to his next, we lifted it and this is the face. I love this baby.


This year my great sister Katrina invited me and Nathan to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with her and the kids...Of course we said YES! I love this family like no other so we spent the night.

It was crazy on how you could not see the floor! It was alot of fun. The kids were so happy with their presents.

The night before
We woke up and Jaxy loved this one car seat toy.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas!