Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For 2 days I got to be babysitter/mom. I got to watch McKadie she is the cutest thing ever. She was very good never had any problems with her. She's so happy. I was sad that she had to leave I wanted her to stay.
I was doing the dishes and i feel her touch my butt so i look and she points and she put her lil sticker stick thing in my pocket lol . ( my butt looks good :))
Nathan made her a lil bed and she loved it

I told her to look at me and she kept her face but not her eyes lol

She was told to get out of something so she went to nathan

She loves her Brat doll she was rocking her in front of the mirror she's so funny

My sister is teh best. She took time out of her day to come and decorate my lil house. It turned out really good. The motivater was cause I had a purse party and needed my house lookin like a house. My kitchen is my living room. So this is abouce my cupboreds.
This is a shelve that's abouve my stove.
this is my other wall all we had were wedding pictures but I tink it looks great.
And out other wall. THANKS SISSY!

Halloween Costume

The after picture
Here is my costume I know its not the greatest picture
I was a Duchess I'm just missing the tall blonde wig. but I liked it.

Random pictures

Isnt' he so sexy :) My and lil Brother. he's so much BIGGER then me and I'm 2 yrs older. sad. he let me drive his truck to pick up my medicine boy was that a trip. I am promised to have the truck when he gets a new one :) I love driving old trucks so much fun.

Here are my kids. hailey and Jaxy
Jack showed a interest in the fish so daddy was showin him.
and He he is freakin straight up laid down in mud!
He loves loves to look out the window. He's a freak about the outside
Mallory had her first sleep over at Aunt Tasha's.
We made a lil bed and watched a movie on the laptop. ( she slept on the couch)
a picture with kenners at her baptism
She Loved this so dont worry!

I was babysitting Hunter, sadie and Mckadie while the parents when to dinner.

I love to cuddle with my baby every time he lets me. I dont take it for granted he's not the most cuddly thing

Old Pictures

Just going through and gettin pictures off my camera . These are really old this was this years Valentines

Lincoln loves Uncle Lance