Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Catch up

I'm gonna try and do better to keep updated on this thing :) First My great sister Katrina came over this last week to help me decorate my lil house and get it homey for me a few broken things here and there alot of bent nails but we got it done and it looks great! my house has never been cleaner. I am cooking, just a few things here and there but lest i'm trying it's actually not that bad. It's hard to stay positive and go to work when your work is run by shady people who lie and dont follow through and really only care bout them selvs. Hmm sounds like my old job. my night supervisor is probably just as mean and B***tchy as my last as well :( On a better note I am really gratefull I at lest have a job. I am loving this wheather its great for cuddle time. I had a purse party saturday and it made me realize how I need to get new friends and that people that I consider as my friend really arent my friends, you cant have friends and not be able to count on them. so i'm looking forward to getting new friends start over with it'll be nice. I had a lil scare with my baby jack, he got really sick and it scared the heck out of me I was bawling my eyes out so my sister I love her mIndy left her friends house just for me to come take us to the vet. turned out he had a bacterial infection got a few meds and he's good as new. he's a very healthy 30 lbs boy :) lol you could tell the vet was getting annoyed cause jack wouldnt stop peeing all over the room haha loved it thats my boy never stops marking his territory. ...I went to my Doc. appt and we talked about me being a sponser! I've been clean for over a year so i could be a sponser only thing is i need to start going to my AA meetings first lol. but geesh who knew that I could possibly be a sponser?? We'll see it all depends on how strong I am and if I can be with some one or in contact with someone who gets and is on my favorite drug. BUT I am waiting for my sister to get my pictures loaded up sO i can post my honeymoon pictures!!!!! I've been dying to show and tell!

Friday, October 9, 2009

All us kids went camping, it was so much fun! Here is mom doing a crazy face
Me and my boys
Katrina and I and my baby Jaxson
All 4 sisters and Madre ( plus baby Jax)
Colton playing ball with all 5 dogs: Jerry, Harold, Lily, Pearl, Nessie
Us with daddy
The Guy I take after in looks! See the resemblence in our big nose?
Jump harry jump