Sunday, June 21, 2009


Just want to say Happy Father's day to my Dad! He is a great guy, he's the most friendliest person, doesn't matter who they are strangers friends he's always waving hi are chattin up a storm even if they just met. My dad has gone through alot and he's still a great guy never gives up. I'm proud to be his daughter and am so glad he is here to walk to me down the aisle :) Love you dad!

Count Down!

It's finally here, the week that leads up to everything I've been doing for the last 3 months. It's crazy I'm getting more anxious and nervous( I'm really nervous about going into a panic attack). I Can't wait to get in my dress and see that moment when Nathan see's me for that first time( lets hope I don't bawl like a baby, I am a cryer). I can't wait. Nathan's family is getting in Thursday and Friday, were having a Parent dinner Friday night so that should be fun. I can't wait to go to the St. Marteen It's going to be amazing! I'm going to tak ATON of pictures I can't wait~!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2 Weeks left!!

The big day is almost here!! I don't know if I'm feeling excited or nervous about what's to come after the wedding... First off ever since my Celine Dion moment :) every time I think about walking down the aisle or anything that has to do with me walking and doing the ceremony my chest starts to tighten up like its doing right now! and I get panic attacks, so just having that happen by just THINKING about it just imagine what will happen when it finally gets here!!!! I am soo praying that I don't pass out or freak out or what cause how i feel right now I do not want to feel that or feel worse when its time oh heaven help me. Then my whole life I've always been deathly afraid of planes and needles, I'm always scared that with my luck my plane will have a terrorist attack and I'll crash and die really I'm so scared of being high jacked on a plane. I've only flown 3 times I think and every time I freak out really ask my mom and sister it's not funny it's a huge fear. So right after the reception I have to get on a plane for over 24hrs. I'm scared to death!!! So Yay me i have so much to look forward to :) Ha-Ha but I am excited for this to finally happen, It's been a dream of mine to always get married and have a princess dress and everything so I'm really happy I can't wait. I'm also a little upset sorry this is being really blunt so If i offend sorry! But we go straight to the airport and fly for about a whole day before we get to our hotel, I just got married I don't want to wait a whole freakin day to have great married sex, really i am bothered by it usually they get a hotel and the next day fly out don't get my wrong I'm stoked to get to St. Martin asap! but I do want to have my little time with my "husband" . Sooo we'll see what happens. :)