Friday, March 27, 2009


Bye Grandma! I love you so much, I'm so glad that you are not in pain anymore. You were such a strong person you stayed strong for a long time..Today I came to see you I watched you take your last breath I wasn't expecting that but I'm glad I got to witness you becoming pain free....

I went to go say goodbye to grandma before she started going way down hill and we wouldn't be able to go in the room so that the siblings could be with her. After about 15 minutes of being there I noticed her breathing changed and mom asked if i moved her oxygen finger thing cause it wasn't reading anything it was just a question mark, so mom and Uncle Bill came over and she hadn't taken a breath for at lest 25 seconds then after what seemed forever she finally took a hug breath and she never took another one after that. I'm sorry that Grandpa and Heidi and the other's couldn't be there at this time but I feel blessed to be in there when she was taking her last breath. Watching them take her out of the room on a stretcher and covered was really hard to watch that was my grandma under that blanket and I cried. The funeral will be Tuesday not looking forward to that, I tried to find a picture with her but I couldn't find one I'm sure there's at lest one somewhere.

She was such a happy person, everyone and anyone she came in contact with she left a forever lasting impression.

She came to about every event that happened and you could always count on seeing her holding a baby.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Last night I went to the hospital to visit and see Grandma, I haven't seen her since Sunday and such a difference in how she looks and breaths and feels. Her breathing is so shallow its like it takes everything she has left to get that one breath, she is turning grey and feeling a Little stiff. Her heart beat has been going up, she is showing signs of the last stage and is very near to letting go. My Aunt Heidi flew in last night, she's the youngest out of the kids glad she can make it. Being jobless totally sucks, its the worse thing ever especially since I'm planning a wedding! Well Ive made my own home made Cinnamon rolls they are delicious!

Monday, March 23, 2009

I love you Grandma

Saturday I get a call saying if you want to say goodbye to Grandma come now..I love my Grandma she was so great. I have so many memories of her and they are all good. One time she bought me my favorite cereal just for me. I went grocery shopping with her and we'd get in there blue car and before we'd drive off she'd get in her purse dig out her lipstick it was a pink reddish color she'd look in her review mirror and put it on those thin lips, sometimes she would even put just a little on me. She'd always have me come over when she was dusting off her Salt & Pepper shakers or taking them down or putting them back up in her glass case. I remember going into the library were she worked after church..She was was always willing to feed me lunch when i needed to eat during break. She was so kind, She never got after me or lectured me when she found out my drug addiction, she was very supportive and happy that I got clean. I can hear her voice saying " Oh Bob" lol after Grandpa joking around or doing something...Saturday they stopped all treatment for her, they are just giving her pain medicine and everyday she goes more into a deep sleep, Saturday I was able to talk to her for a few seconds she said my ring was very pretty. Grandma I was hoping you could of made it till my wedding, I was really wanting you to be there, but I know you were in alot of pain and I understand, You can see my perfect dress while you lookin down on me from heaven. Grandma I love you, you gave me a great mom, thanks for everything you did for us.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good Job Babe

Last weekend we found out that Nathan got the job for Wal-Mart, he went to Orientation that Tuesday. The store isn't set up yet so he will just help get it set up and then once it's done he'll start his new job. It's like bitter sweet he gets a job and I get "laid off" I'm glad one of us is working, it'd be alot better if we both were.

Thursday night Mindy came over and we attempted to do the new fashion of Gel Toes, It's suppose to last about 8 weeks and not cheap like regular nail polish. Mindy got the glitter and thank goodness cause I love sparkly glittery things, We painted all my toes the colors cause I couldn't' decide they were all pretty. There pretty cool!

Beutiful day

Today Tashina & Brian had Sadie sealed to them. It was really cool they have been waiting for this for a long time. Sadie's Biological mom agreed and and told them the news Christmas day Sadie was very happy. There were sooo many Brides with there pretty dresses and it jut made me even more excited for my day to come and finally get to put on my gorgeous dress and show Nathan! Speaking of my dress I went and picked it up today! Oh I am so freakin happy, It's ten times prettier o my gosh it's soo perfect just like my ring is so perfect! I will post pictures of the new and final ring as soon as I can get good camera that will show just how perfect it is! Aww I am so ready to be married, I'm done being just a "Girlfriend". It was a fun nice day at the Temple I'm excited for summer.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thank's Min & Seth

My sweet awesome sister, let me tell you why she's so awesome...As you know I got "laid off". I took it really hard and was having a bad day, I was really down..Nathan and I get this knock on our door while watching Austraila we open it and we see mindy with a basket & box full of cleaning stuff and food. She just walks right in and says I came to clean your house! Ha-Ha first off kinda embarrising when your sister has to come clean your house lol but very kind of her to want to do it. Also last night she came over and I guess she realized just how poor we really are and have no food. I'm so greatful, even before lossing my job we don't have alot of money to get food we gotta pay the bills so we have a place to live. I love her for wanting to help us out. I guess she was wanting to come over but then she herd i got "laid off" and took it hard she decided to come over even more and let me be sad in a clean house..I should of done before and after pictures but we cleaned the bathroom the kitchen washed the floors she even helped me start a little garden, I'm excited. Thank you Mindy & Seth for your help, it was greatly needed. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Not a good day

I wasn't a big believer on Friday the 13Th being cursed or anything, but all that changed after today...First off I had a person for a boss that absolutely should not be ever in a supervisor position, therefore because people are scared of walking on her "toes" they do whatever she wants. I could go on and on about this person and how chemically wrong they are but story is I got "Laid Off" in there terms my terms I straight up got "fired" for what??? My boss getting ride of my job and then some how convincing people that I need to be let go. Total bull crap. I'm so mad and upset at this person that if i see them I will really let her know what I think. So Friday the 13Th pretty crappy day and I'm a believer that it brings badness.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's here

It's here it's here! My ring has finally came in from being sized, I waited as patiently as i could and now its here!!! Also tomorrow my dress should be finished getting checked and made perfecto. I cannot wait !

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WEdding Website

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snow snow & more Snow.....I'm getting married!

I'm so sick of the snow!!!! It was all great fun yay snow blizzards in DECEMBER it's March come on now!
Well I am gettin more and more excited about my wedding, oh that's weird "MY wedding" haha never thought i"d gt to say that! I got my dress!!! It's absolutely amazing, Thanks mom for finding it and making me try it on. It's just so amazing I love it, I wish my wedding would come tomorrow so i can wear it! LOL. I love Nathan, he's my best friend. We fight Hard but we love hard. We've been through quit alot for only being together for 3 years.. Im so excited! I'm not excited bout this snow though..Saturday Kenya got Baptized! Love you. I'll post pictures later.

Friday, March 6, 2009


I'm so glad it's Friday!
I didn't realize how much thought and detail go into a wedding.
I feel like just making decision's isn't helping anything or getting anything done.
Tomorrow my niece Kenya is getting baptized! I'm so proud of her.
I'm very excited to get married.
I feel unengaged, now that I don't have my ring ( it's being sized).
I really have no clue how people pay for a wedding and still afford there
place to live in and bills, it's insane!
Hopefully everything will work out & I will have the dream
wedding I've been dreaming my whole life!
I love my family they are just awesome and amazing people!
Thank you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Story

Okay, Yesterday was a eventful day. First off and most important Nathan and I got engaged! Second it was my 21st birthday! Lastly we found out that Katrina my sister is having another boy! yay His name will be Jaxson so cute! For my birthday me and my family all went to Classic Skating it was so much fun. After being there for awhile I noticed Nathan like disappeared, I was looking at the whole room for him and I saw him at the DJ booth for a second but I just thought he's probably doing something for my birthday so I do my own thing and I notice he hasn't been back for it seemed like an hour. Finally he comes back and he's like keeping to himself being quiet and just chilling in the back so I thought that was weird. After black out the DJ has every one clear off the floor and he just calls me out so I go out there and then Nathan comes skating to me and he says a few cute things then he gets down and pops the question. I love him! It was great I had no clue that was going to happen. Here are some pictures sorry they might be out of order. The date is June 20, its going to be busy busy.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Soon to be Mrs. Skinner

I am engaged!!!! keep your calenders open for either the 1 week or 3rd week in June..I will post pictures and details tomorrow!

Happy Birthday to me!

It's my birthday today! Yay!! I am legal now, It's a great feeling knowing I don't have to worry were I go if I'm of age or not. Thanks to my great mom for wanting more kids after 4. Love you!