Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another night of fun

Mindy had needed me to watch the girls and I gladly said Yes! I usually well the last few months I have usually not passed up a time when I could hang out and watch my midgets. I don't see them that often to it's really nice to see them for a bit. So we played Wii most of the night and then it was getting late so we all chose to watch Harry Potter. Us girls all got together on the couch and got all cozy and warm... Like I said it's not often when Jack cuddles. So he thinks he's all that he just comes right up between me and Cami sticks his butt in our faces does a few turns and lays down on top of us. I Love it! I just love it when he does this. So I took pictures of course! This week I have learned that Mindy and Seth are going to be joining the Air Force :( I am very very sad and upset about it. I don't understand the whole Air Force but i do know that there's a chance Seth will be called to Iraq and that they will be moving...It's really hard for me to think that my midgets won't be just a few city's away it makes me cry every time, I have a special love for Kenya and Cami I was there alot with them and helped raise them when they were babies and Mindy was going through her divorce. I just can't imagine not being able to watch them grow up I'M STILL IN UTAH BECAUSE OF MY MIDGETS!!! I know what it's like not having good Aunts when I grew up, and in a way i'm glad cause it defnatly showed me how to be a GREAT Aunt. I Love you guys! So this Sunday again I get Cami and Navi while Mindy and Seth watch superbowl BORING.

Busy Day

Sunday my baby brother came over to visit and hang out, I never see him anymore he's always gone :( Were real close to it's always fun to be around him. We were the last 2 in the house when everyone moved out so we hung out allot. I love him. He brought his baby Black Pearl (love the name!) Her and Jack would play all the time when she was a puppy. Jack finally warmed up to colton and actually SAT with him. Pearl wore Jack out and she annoyed him soo bad LOL it was so funny to watch them play.
We got these tubes in the summer when we would go down Provo River. They were taking up allot of room so I told Nathan to deflate them. It took a long time, he always finds a clever way to do something. Thanks Babe!

Okay Sunday morning I wake up to take Jack out side to potty I open my front door and my whole bottom part of my stairs is flooded! There's gotta be a leak or something cause it comes into my house and soaks my carpet all wet! The last time it rained allot my carper got wet this time my front door flooded! Here are the pictures to show how deep it was.


Saturday after Mallory's birthday we had scheduled to go do the walk through at the Draper Temple, I've never been able to go to the temple and the only part i've been in is when we do baptizims for the dead. Even though it hasn't been dedicated yet it still has the temple spirit feeling, It has always been my dream to go to the temple when I get married but due to my choices I will probably just be getting sealed in it. It was awesome to be able to see what the Brides room looked like and where they go it was just awesome so pretty. My 2nd favorite room I can't remeber the name but its the room with the big big chandelier oh it's soo beutiful I love it. Right after that we went into the in my words " Eternity Room" I don't remeber the correct name, its the room were you go when you are getting married as soon as i walked in there I was fighting to hold back my tears. I saw the Alter and herd what the couple was saying and it was just the neatest thing for me, I've lost sight for what my goals and dreams are and this really helped me realize it's still what i want. It was just awesome and to have all my family there and to be able to see my dad and Nathan back in the temple even if it was just for the walk through, it was just a good feeling.


It's a little late but here are a few of Nathan's Birthday pictures, he's such a hot red head...Like I said in my other post we just went to dinner and a movie..I just love this other picture with my baby Jack. he is such a non-cuddlier if you go and sit by him he'll get up and move he just doesn't like being touched unless he comes to you, but lately he is getting a little more cuddlier with us. Eever ytime he comes and cuddles I make sure I take a picture cause it's so rare but when he does its so cute!

Inform me!!!

Yesterday I kinda let out some of my feelings to my boss and how she isn't communicating with me and it's causing problems...Anyways I'm still WORKING, today my boss's boss talked to D (I'm gonna use code names) to see what they should do bout me not having anymore work to do and what to do about this "plan" that took my job away if it's working or not. So all day I was on edge not knowing what was going on but knowing they were discussing it. Well my boss & her boss had a meeting so that made me even more on edge! Well I do know they have talked about what to do with me and my job but I don't know what they have decided on doing. For now I guess I am blessed once again and can say I still have a job.

Okay last week Nathan and I got sick my family is sharing this stomach flu which is terrible! Saturday was Mall's 5th birthday here are some pictures .

The Big 5!!
Tashina and Mall

Daddy and Mall

Mommy and Mall

The Birthday girl and me

Hallie was great at kareokee

Mall and her awesome cake!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What to do?

Work for me is getting even worse.
There is just this huge negative atmosphere in my office,
it is just making me so unhappy..It's really starting
to get to me Emotionally and Physically, it's tearing me
apart. To me the way things are going and the way
It's making me feel and people, It's just really not worth
staying there anymore, I am just so miserable there.
I dread coming to work everyday. If I could just get some
answers that would be Great! Then I would know what I
need to do. IM stuck in a very deep depressing rut that I
can't get out of. I don't think this "plan" that took my job
isn't working at all but for some reason I'm not getting it back.
I just really need some answers either keep me and give me daily
work to do or just let me go so that I can get a new better environment

Kenya, Cami and Navi came over tonight, it's so much fun when my midgets come over. I always have fun with them. We played Wii it's my new addiction.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My life has been very stressful the past few weeks, Nathan got laid off his job and has been jobless for about 3 weeks. it's been really hard for him to find a job that is hiring, that just puts just a bit more stress on me because now it's up to me to keep my job so that we have a roof over our heads. But it doesn't help when I feel like I am on the edge of even losing my job. Since the whole economy has gone down the drain my work has been doing allot of lay offs to try and save money . So far I have been very blessed to not be the not so fortunate one who is next to go. 3 weeks ago some people at my job decided to try and see if we change some things around if it'd be better and so forth. Well my personal opinion this wasn't a good idea because it involves taking basically my job away, so for the last 3 weeks I have had nothing to do at work , the girls have been giving me small things here and there for me to do to at lest keep busy for some part of the day but usually its just like a few minute things. Sooo my stress level is even higher because Nathan is jobless I am almost jobless but am still blessed and thankful to still have a job but it really sucks not having anything to do so I'm worried that, that is just gonna make them want to let me go (which this plan in my opinion isn't working like they hoped). I just pray that I can get my job back. I really hope the economy will get better and not get worse. It's just not fun knowing that our living conditions all depend on me and my job, makes me want to break down and cry.

LoVe YoU bAbE

Yesterday was Nathan's birthday he is now 28!!!
I really can't believe it, he is almost 30. That seems old
to me. He didn't want anything big so after I got off work
we went to dinner and then went and saw dang I can't
remember the name but it was the 2 James Bond movie, it
was good but at times it was confusing, we should of watched
the other first. LOVE YOU BABE!


Saturday we celebrated Hallie's birthday she is now 4!! I can't believe it she's getting so big. Katrina had been sick all day and wasn't feeling good. After the partay was over Mindy took Katrina to the hospital to make sure everything was okay. I got to watch Maverick, Hallie, Lincy and Harold (the dog) .

Linc and Mav acting
Like dogs.

Mav acting like a dog with Harold.

Hallie had to show Nathan her songs!

Mav and me!

Okay for Hallie's birthday she got a Ipod/MP3 player, she is always

playing and using Mall's CD player. I was the only one to figure

out how to put her songs on it. SHE LOVED IT!! She listened to it all night

and when you tried to talk to her she'd be 'what?!" then you'd ask her again she'd say "WHAT?!" lol then

she'd finally take her head phones off. But like I said She loves being be Nathan.

This was so funny! All of a sudden Mav goes in Jack's kennel and then I hear this little high pitch barking Ha-Ha and I see Mav crawling to me and barking at me and then scratching at my leg. He was the cutest little doggy ever.

My midgets

Jon had a night off from work and I said I would watch their kids while they went on a date. They are so funny.

Yoda and me she is a crack up!
Lincy loves Jack.

Hallie loves Nathan she is always by him, she was helping him play his game and listening to what was going on.

Here is my and Mall, she's getting so big.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Nathan!

We sung "Happy Birthday" to him last night at my dad's birthday party. This is him conducting us as we sing.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Today is my Daddy and Hallies birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
After work today the fam got together and had my Dad's birthday, whenever we get together there is always fun crazy stuff going on. It is NEVER dull at my paretns house.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Nathan and I have been really needing another car for some time now, It's such a pain trying to mix our work schedules so that one of us can get to were ever and oh its such a pain! We haven't been able to afford a car or anything, but this week my brother in law said that at his work there were cars for $350 so hey any car for that much is worth looking at. We go and its a choice between a Saturn or a Civic. Ended up Nathan liked the civic better, but it wasn't ours yet, Jon had to talk to his boss and see what the plan was cause first come first serve. Turns our 2 people dropped out of the running for the car and Jon worked his magic and made so that we could get the car. Nathan went and picked it up today and we are really excited to have another car! Its a '92 Honda Civic in pretty good shape runs smoothly just gotta get it registered. Happy Birthday baby!! Enjoy your present


I have been taking a online Vet Assistant class and yesterday was when I had to take the final test. I was really stressing out about and thanks with help to Katrina and Jon and Nathan I was able to pass with flying colors! I only missed 1 question Yay!!! I just have 2 more courses to take and I should be a eligible Vet Assistant! My dream job is starting to come through!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mother's birthday! She is 25!!! So young. She invited Nathan and I to go see Marley and Me with her dad and Colton. Okay I am a big big lover for animals thanks to my parents, I have a very soft spot for hurt sick injured animals and It's hard to watch movies and TV shows that involves animals that get hurt or what. Well I was told that this movie would make you cry so I went prepared. I was bawling my head off like if a family member died! It wasn't a quiet tears streaming down the face it was the catch a breath mixed in just bawling!! O my. I didn't think it'd be that bad like i said I'm a softy and I worked at a vet and just stuff I've experienced while working there reminded me of the movie. Over all its a very good movie I had fun with my family. I love my baby Jack I don't know what I would ever do with out! Love you mom Happy Birthday!