Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy late Thanksgiving!

Okay this is after all the eating and now playing a games!

Me and my mommy

Mckadie she is a crakc up!

Me and Navi snuck in the bathroom and took pictures

She is so funny

Uncle coco

haha this picture cracks me up

ya this picture is funny he was messin up my hair!
my baby brother! not nobody messes with him
Navi sad bout her marshmellows i think oh ya I took em away from her so she could eat but then her mom said she can just hold them

Movies with my Hubby

My hubby and I at the movies. We love going to the movies. I think this one was Michel Jacksons This is it.

New Moon

This is when us sistas and mom all went to see New Moon. It's become a tradition for the SISTERS and Momma to go and see the movie together. It was fun its always fun.

This was after the movie my camera got switched to black and white apparently. Trina be a goof.
haha how do you like having a flash going off in your eyes in the dark mom ? lol
My sweet sweet baby Jaxy
Before teh movie!
I just got off work ugh I look like crap

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For 2 days I got to be babysitter/mom. I got to watch McKadie she is the cutest thing ever. She was very good never had any problems with her. She's so happy. I was sad that she had to leave I wanted her to stay.
I was doing the dishes and i feel her touch my butt so i look and she points and she put her lil sticker stick thing in my pocket lol . ( my butt looks good :))
Nathan made her a lil bed and she loved it

I told her to look at me and she kept her face but not her eyes lol

She was told to get out of something so she went to nathan

She loves her Brat doll she was rocking her in front of the mirror she's so funny