Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Day!!!

Thursday was Thanksgiving, lots of fun eating lots of yummy food and hanging with the family. Nathan and I went to my parents and eat with Lance, Lindee the Bradys and Colton. After we ate Dad, Lance, Lindee,Colton his friend Dallas, Mindy and Nathan and I went shooting. I am so very Sore from it my first time shooting. Lots of fun!

Making my first Pie, did it all myself!

It was very yummy I might say!

And of course I can never get enough of my baby

Colton and his baby. Heading up to go shooting.

Park City Twilight Partay!

Traci, Rachel and I (girlies from my work) got tickets to go to see Twilight Friday night up in Park City. We decided to get a hotel and stay the night cause the movie was at 9:30 and we didnt want to drive back home through the canyon. So after work we leave and head up there. We get to our hotel we drop our things off take a few pictures....

Rachel and Traci

Rachi and her pose LOL

Us girls!
Traci has a few more pictures I'll post when I get them. So we wanted to walk around the strip mall ( thats what I call it) so we go out side to the car and Rachel notices she doesnt have her purse with her so we think did you leave it in the car or the room so we look in the car and its not there, so we think its in the room but she is doubting that. We search the room and find out she left her purse in her car at work..Her purse had her movie ticket in it!!! OH SNAP not good. So we think of options #1 have her husband Jeremy drive her purse up to us have Jon my bro in law unlock her car #2 Hope that we can buy a ticket (it was a private theater that somebody rented out for us) and have her be in the same theater #3 call Erin the lady we bought them from and have her vouge that she DID buy one and can be let in. So we go to the stores walk around and took more pictures...

Freezing in the cold chilly Park City wheather

Cought ya off gaurd! HaHa

Such a cute Hat...Right after this picture I dropped my camera and broke the screen :( i'm very sad about it.

So after walking around everywere and gettin treats, we go to the movie theater and sit in line. Long part short Rachi was able to get a ticket Yay! We sat in line for an hour and a half and had a BLAST! about the little situation we were in sitting on the floor. Meanwhile we took more pictures!

The end result of a long fun filled night! wE let Traci get the bed to herself cause we figured she's use to sleeping alone and we didnt wanna get kicked LOL. Love ya Trac!

Birthday Fun

Navi's birthday was fun. She just turned 3! She's gettin big.

Nathan and the adorable puppies!

I dnt know how I didnt get a picture of Navi!

Harold and I, he is gettin so big

Kisses for the puppy!

Mav loved NATHAN that night

He is such a stud muffin, look at that smile :)

Lindee Lou Who and I

nite nite

I watched Katrina's kids one night and thought I'd take some cute pictures :) Such cute kids!

Bother and sisterly love. I love this picture

Comforting baby brother

He loves me lotz

They are fun

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh my Oh my ahhhh I'm so excited!


All time favorite!! Thanks Girls UR THE BEST!!

I have been the biggest Celine Dion fan ever since Titanic came out and she sang the song " My heart will go on" ever since then she has been my favorite singer I know all her song's I get her Cd's when they come out I just love her and her voice. I wanted to be a singer when I grew up and every day all day I would sing to her songs and practice till I got those high notes or those long notes, I could not get enough of her music. I've always wanted to go to her Vegas show but could never afford it and it's always been a big dream of mine to see her or met her. Rachel my co worker is a big fan of hers as well so lucky me we got to listen to her while the "haters" mocked us. She got tickets for her Nov. 21 concert and I have been so jealous of her that she gets to see my most favorite singer of all time! Well her concert got cancelled and moved to Feb. 22 so she ended up going to Park City with me and Traci that is a different blog story. I come back from lunch with Nathan today and Traci,Whit and Rach are all smiling and say sit down, what do you want most in the world first I thought I got a rise, or promoted, or Whitney is giving me her car or I don't know lots was running through my head cause there's lots of things I want. So there like just tell her I'm so confused at this point! Whitney says something about you have 2 tickets to Celine Dion! My reaction barried my face in my hands and started crying, I was in complete shock! I never ever thought I would be able to go see her! I'm like no way how did this happen I couldn't stop crying! Turns out since her concert got changed people have returned theirs cause its on a Sunday and we can get tickets from work and the guy said he had 2 tickets do you want them. I am still in shock. WOW. So I am taking my sister Katrina cause she likes her as well. I could not be happier right now, I think it'll turn reality to me once I get the tickets.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Alrighty!! Tonight is the big night! My sister's and mom are all going to the opening show of TWILIGHT!! yAY so that means the movie is at 12:01 which means It wont get out till like 2 or 3 ish I don't know which means I wont get home till 230 330ish leads to me "tempting" to get up at 7AM to go to work :) What am I doing!! I"m going to be dead dead dead.....Soo tomorrow night us girls from work Traci and Rachel are going to Park City to watch the 9:30PM showing and staying at a hotel for the night and coming home Saturday morning. Also Saturday night I'm going to the Cold Play concert..UGH! I am crazy or something I've never had such a busy weekend. I'll be living off of caffeine and no sleep oh help me!

Friday, November 14, 2008

So Sad but funny

This was Jack's Halloween mask last year. It looks so funny on him. I felt bad cause Nathan was teasing him :( my poor sweet baby.

My baby

I just thought I would show some video of my baby, I know not everybody can be blessed with the chance to met him so I thought I would put some video's of him. Your probably thinking oh she lets him chew on everything! but the furniture is old and ruined anyway and he doesn't damage it he just gnaws on it when he gets so excited he just has to bite something. But Nessie is mom's dog she is so adorable I'm in love with her, and I'm gonna get one of her babies!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

NO I Dont

People have asked me if I ever regret getting into drugs and becoming heavily addicted to it. My answer is Nope I do not what so ever regret it, it's made me grow and learn and I think become a better person. I'm able to relate to people and I'm not ashamed or embarrassed to admit to it. That's one thing us addicts have to learn is to admit that you have a problem and I've fully admitted it after wanting to get help. I'm fine with my story being told cause who knows it could help somebody. I am a addict I'm not proud of it but I'm not ashamed cause its helped me grow as a person and become closer to my family.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Rain Rain.....

Rain Rain come all day, bring some thunder and lightining too, make some puddles to jump, play and run through.

I love the rain! Makes you wanna cuddle up with your hunny and your baby (in my case my baby isn't a real baby he's my doggy. so whenever I say baby I'm talkin bout Jack) read or watch a movie or sleep.

My goal

Now I'm not showing these pictures because of my great excellent talent of modeling :) but to show what my goal is. I want my long hair back!!! I miss it like crazy, don't get me wrong I love my short hair its fun it different but its time for my long hair to come back. Sooo anybody got idea's on how to make it grow faster?? My hair grows soo slow :( So lets hope It grows back fast!

My one and only (for now) sister in law

This is Lindee and Me a few years back. I think it's a great HOT picture of us. This was like a family bowling get together before Mindy and Seth's wedding. Lindee is married to Lance my big brother :) Love you Lindee Lou Who!!!!

And yes I was the Maid of Honor!! Love Weddings :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I love him

I love my sweety. He is so sweet and charming. I'm so lucky

Surprise Surprise!

Once again story of my life, Tasha gets migraine Friday morning, migraine so bad it makes her hug her best friend (the toilet). Tasha gets stressed out for missing work therefor gives Tasha's migraine a bigger migraine, so once again she's with her best friend :) Tasha's migraine doesn't stop until Saturday afternoon. She can't complain cause she gets extra TLC from her sweet lover Nathan and a worried doesn't wanna leave mommy's side baby Jack, but sometimes has to leave the room cause he jumps the bed and makes mommy hug her best friend more. Tasha just loves not having the doctor know why these happen so often in her life cause then the men in her life have a reason to love me and care for me all day and not care I ask to get waited hand and foot on.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Fall

YaY! I woke up this morning ( my routine) go to the bathroom put in my contacts go to the bathroom and tell Jack to stop acting like a spaz while he jumps and runs right in front of me every where I walk. I open the door and its like a mini blizzard outside! I tell Jack hold on let me put on my coat! He's so excited he know's when i put my shoes on he gets to go outside. I put on my shoes and coat and tell Jack to come here he is running circles around and wont hold still for one second he's so happy. I walk outside and get a big gust of ice cold freezing wind blown in my face! The joy of taking my sweet baby outside to the potty. I got woken up fast

Which Cullen are you....

I am Esme...
You are thoughtful and care very deeply for your family. A loving home is of great
importance to you and you always try to make people feel welcome. Although you have a great capacity to love, you also have a great capacity to hurt, so at times you can be
sensitive. You're firm when you need to be, but people trust your judgment and
appreciate the kind way you always handle things.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween! (yesterday) yesterday was fun, I just love All hollows eve. I was Morticia Adams this year and Nathan was a bum and Jack my baby was his sweet self I couldnt ask for anything better! I went to work where everybody dresses and we have a costume contast and just enjoy the fun spooky holiday. My family came to visit me at work it was fun to see all the little kids in there customes. After work I went to Cameo's class with Mindy to help do a fun class activity. After that we went to TAshina's ward trunk er treat and then went to visit my grans and grandpa. It was a very busy spooky fun day!

Colton sat outside by the door at grandma and grandpa's house and the kids were scared ot even walk up to the door it was really funny.

Jon put on dads/coltons mask on lincy nd it was so funny

Colton and his hill billy wig

Colton's costume

so funny

She like jumped into this pose and said "Imma super star!!"

Hallie was soo funny! when she had this on

Nathan lookin funny with long black hair LOL

Mom, Tashina, Grandma G.


Lindee and Skeleton Lincy

The girls! Ladybug Lindee, Butterfly Katrina and Morticia

Hunter helping the butterflys walk across the street what a man.

Hallie and Nathan walking together while we trick or treat, so cute!

Lindee, Navi, Maverick and me

Lindee and I at Tashina's ward Trunk treating

My dad and his great costume!

Tashina and Mckadie came to visit me at work

Rahcel and I

This is my department, it was a fun day at work! There's Sean : Fat Elvis Traci: Jellyfish Me: Morticia Addams Shawn: dnt know the name to his lol sorry! Randy: Devil and Rachel: Cat