Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random Pictures

Okay- sorry there are random pictures on this one. My post thing is a little broken right now instead of showig the pictures it show's link like things so colton got in a crash on his bike broke his callor bone there's us in the room with him we got kicked out cause only 2 vistors per patient. Then there's us girls at the soundtrack premire for twilight!.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday nite chillin in back corner of Hot Topic......Why???

I found this in my Draft section thought I'd just post it.

Last night me and my 3 oldest sisters all went to Hot Topic to listen to the premiere for the Twilight soundtrack. It was great fun, we got some souvenirs that I'm guessing we are all going to wear to the opening night, heck ya were gonna be there at the 12:00 Am opening show!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

mmm Yummy

Katrina and I after the kids went to bed and after I got soaking wet from Lincy doing nothing but splashing in the tub and the guys chil laxing on the couch we made carmel Apples and they were so yummy!

I guess this is how he poses for his pictures!

Carving time! What did you chose?

Halloween is so much fun, lots to do and see. Nathan and I carved pumpkins with Katrina and her family, it was a pretty eventful day. First we went to Wal-Mart to get the carving tools (took bout an hour or so) then went to her house and started carving away. Took all night :)

Mallory finding her pumpkin, figured out there not LIGHT!

Hallie trying to be a big girl & carry her pumpkin

Katrina and JOn Trying to find there perfect pumpkin

He was so happy

He loved pushing the cart


Her first time cleaning out a pumpkin

Loving it

Jon trying hard to get Hallie's pumpkin just the way she want's its face to look. She was very particular how she wanted it.

All he wanted to do was put the lid on and off, I had to help him a little we put some pumpkin gooh in it so he could pull it out himself.


She was so serious

Katrina's...Can you Guess what is says????

Of course come on you didn't think I woldn't do somethign that had to do with Pirates!

Love it!

She was so upset cause she painted over her face, so she just had to make another. She was so percise on drawing it on. She's doing the face that her pumpkin is doing.

Carving time! What did you chose?


I usually have a tuff stomach when it come's to smells and poopy diapers and all. Saturday I was watching Katrina's kids while her and Jon went golfing. Lincy smelled really bad and I knew he needed a diaper change. So I undid his diper and it was just a terrible smell, it made my stomach turn so lovely Hallie plugged my nose the whole time, she was squeezing pretty hard she was also very close of squeezing my nose ring to were it was poking my nose (OUch) . Mallory took my camera and snaped a shot! (Yes my nose looks terribly larger then it it )

Friday, October 17, 2008

Scary Halloween Movies

So This year i'm gonna try to watch a scarry/halloween movie at lest once a week. I just love Halloween and scarry movies. The other day Nathan adn I watched The Blair Witch Project, it freaked Nathan out a bit. We've seen The Ring, White Noise and goosebumps that come's on the cartoon network at night. Tonight we are going to watch 30 Days of Night, I'm excited!

Happy Birthday Hunter!

Yesterday was Hunter's Birthday he is now 7! I remember when he was just a baby with big ol' head. Here are some pictures. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUNTERS!