Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Okay Okay I know It's been awhile since I last updated so what's new is Lincy just got his tonsils out yesterday and has to stay longer then expected. I am just working and cannot wait for Halloween!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Family get together!

We had a baby blessing and family all got together what a nice day. We played Frisbee, the 2 little boys loved to role over grandpa and fall on their heads lol it was funny to watch. My baby brother and I I tried to give him a kiss on the cheek but he wouldn't have it, its not everyday i get to see my baby brother. And my cousin's from AZ came up it was fun to see them. Tadah!! I got my hair in same freakin cute piggy tales!!! I was so proud.

Puppies!!! Oh I love them!

Alright Puppies puppies puppies you cannot get enough of them!
So There is King Harold fell asleep with Nathan it was just to dang cute to not take a pictures. Then there he is giving me kisses MUAAH! I just love how he sits! ha ha its so funny. Mckadie just loved him. Then there is my mom's new baby she is a French Bulldog mom's dream dog ever since I could remember her name is Nessie, there's a cool story on how she was born. Her momma had a c-section and thought he got all the puppies out but a few days later out comes Nessie! I'm getting puppy hungry :( Harold is Mindy's dog he has a cluff lip (sp?) and he is a Bulldog.

Some Updated Pictues

Here are some updated pictures! there's my sweet Grandpa I love him.
Then There's my baby and me, he is such a SWEETY!

My Weak Guilty Pleasure

Just last season well ya last season lol when Nathan and I moved into our apartment we didn't have any TV at the time and only one channel came in. I started watching One Tree Hill and I have not missed it since. It has been a huge guilty pleasure of mine. And can I just say that tonight's was amazing! It brought me to tears a few times, it was very sad but at the same time it was just great. Oh how I love Mondays.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blah I don't feel good.....

This whole last weekend I have had a head ache everyday and nothing would help it, So then just yesterday I started feeling really sick to my stomach and been having Head aches and it seems like its not going away! I feel so gross and sick inside. I can't stand being sick to my stomach. Its not gonna be a good week for me

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Baby.....

Ever since I've had Jack he has always worried me that he doesn't eat as much as he should, I'm nervous that he is just on the skinny side of what he should be. I don't want people to look at him and think oh I don't feed him that would just hurt me so bad cause I love my baby so much and take the best care of him that I can give him and its pretty good He's lucky to have me as his mommy. So Nathan and other's just say he's just a lean dog and that he's not underweight I'm like ya okay. And it seems he only eats when I'm home and that bugs me cause I'm home before work and after work. Well he ran out of dog food and for money reason's we couldn't get him the same kind we get, we get this different kind that looks healthy and good for him, To my surprise it looks like Jack really likes it! He's eating alot more and more often, and to me it looks like he's getting some meat on him. I'm very excited that he really likes his dog food. I just really hope its a good brand. Here he is eating away. If you know anything about this brand of dog food let me know if its good or not so good for dogs.

A FuN NiTe OuT

Tonight I got to babysit for my Sista Katrina, I just love her kids to death they are just so cute and growing up so fast. Here a few pictures to show just how stinkin cute they are!

Colton's New bike

My baby being his cute playfull self

Jack being really playful Nathan let him play with his belt it was so funny.
Ha-Ha the positions he does just cracks me up

A night with the cousins

Me and My Cousins that I haven't seen in awhile. Danielle and Brittany.

Lending a helping hand :)

A week or 2 or 3 after my sister's surgery she needed helpin one Saturday to watch her kids and help with the baby. I thought I'd share some fun cute pictures of us.