Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today has been a long day, well for my sister Tashina. She has just gotten out of surgery, she had a Hysterectomy. She has alot of medical problems she gets cist and stuff all the time so the doctors decieded the best way for her not to get them any more is if she got the Hysterectomy. So right now we are in the room and she is in alot of pain, the poor girl she has had so many problems its crazy. Its sad because she isn't going to have anymore kids :( but its for the best. It's going to be a long recovery, she won't be realesed from the hospital until Sunday. I will post pictures later.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Well yesterday at work was just a normal day I got up late so i didnt straighten my hair or so my make up I jus put on mascara soo one of the HR people come in and say were doing pictures for the new badge's THEY COULDNT GIVE US A DAY NOTICE! So Whitney said she'll puff my hair so it looks some what decent we take the picture and it looks like i have no make up on :( everybody was red or sunburned from the weekend lol. So now i'm gonna have a bad badge picture.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lagoon Day!

My parents!
I'm a Princess
My sista Katrina
The boys after racing
Dad & Jon Drag Racing
Hallie, Mal and Me. Hal was upset
Dad and I before the Ride
She was nervous

The Witts

Dad Me & Katrina

Me and my Dad and the duck he won me

Hallie me

She couldnt get out

She was so sad
Dad Mallory and Hallie waiting for the water
Hallie playing in the water

This fountain saved the day!

Dad Mallory Katrina and Hallie
enjoying the ride
getting ready to be squished!Mom Lincy and Jon waiting
In line
Waiting to get the day started!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Dark Night

~Tonight Nathan and I went to the movie's and we saw The Dark Night..1-10 it was a 10!!! It was just a really good movie. Heath Ledger did such a fantastic job, I do not blame him for having trouble sleeping and everything. Every time he came into the scene it just made you feel Oh I don't know how to explain lOL. but I recommend that you go see it and do not take your kids under 14 it is for sure not a kids movie/ I have got to get to bed I am going to Lagoon. YaY!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

How I met my Lover

Okay today I will write about Nathan and how we met. So I worked at a call center called Sento, I did customer service for One night I was getting help from my team leader and I said "Pacifically" and at that moment Nathan walked by and said "Pacific uh?" and that is when he caught my eye and it was love ever since :) After that I went to my desk and I noticed were his desk was, it was kiddy corner from mine so I could see his back and his computer. It's weird how I never noticed anybody in that desk. Ever since then for like a week or two he would drop by and ask little things like " Do you know how to set up Trillan?" or another day he asked " Can you help me set up my Email?" LOL. Anything to get me to come over to his desk and talk to him. So we started talking more and I gave him my number and he never called me that weekend so back at work I was mad at him and said I gave you my number to use and I think his excuse was he didn't' want to make it to soon so he said he would call me. Mom picked me up from work (I don't know how long after I got mad at him) and we were almost home and my phone has a new voicemail I'm like weird it never rang so I listen to it and it's Nathan! He called me Finally, and with my luck my phone doesn't ring so I completely missed it I was so mad, and the worst part is he never left me his number so i could call him back. Well we finally arrange going out, it was Dec. 24, 05 I was all ready to go just waiting on him, 30 minutes go by no Nathan 1 hour goes by no Nathan 2 hours no Nathan, then after a few minutes there's Nathan. He has only been living in Utah for 3 months before we meet so he thought he was out of Provo when he still was in Provo. So we hang out had fun been dating ever since. We moved in to our first place together at the beginning of January. We love being on our own, now it's just trying to get him to commitment full circle and ask me the big question!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Okay I am new at this so I have no clue what I"m suppose to do so I thought I'd start off with introducing my baby Captain Jack Sparrow a.k.a Jack..Jack is a miniature Chinese Shar-Pei, Shar-Pei's have always been my dream dog ever since we babysat one. Life was going pretty good I was out of school and just worked and one day I just decided I want my dream dog. So i got on the computer I started looking around for breeders and I came upon a site that still had puppies. I called the lady her name was Sharon, she only had one left and it was a boy I wanted a girl so i can dress her up but I guess you can blame my compulsive buying on my dad :) She told me he was going to be bought but he had to have surgery on eye's and couldn't be bought until after his eye's got better. So he was a little older then usual for people to get them. She told me about him what he looks like and I feel in love with out even seeing him. She sent me a picture well actually I don't think she ever did. LOL. So I sent her the money and I started counting down the days till I got to see my new wrinkly baby. During the time I was thinking of names I am a MAJOR Jack Sparrow fan I love all the Pirate movies and I just had to name him from the movie. I was thinking of Davy Jones, Barbosa, Savvy but Captain Jack Sparrow sounded right. So the day comes and I get to pick up my baby!! I was so excited I couldn't wait, his plane finally comes in (he flew from Missouri) the guy brings in a Crate I look in the holes and I see this big wrinkly head snorting at me, I cried of course. I took him out and he was the most cutest thing in the world. Jack is my most prized possession he is just the funniest dog in the world, his personality is just great. He is such a mommy's boy he is very protective over me and his home. I got him when he was 5 months and now he is a handsome 2 yr. old . The first picture is our first New Year's Kiss the second is our first hug at the airport and the last is him as a baby, Sad to say I didn't' get him when he was that small. I love my dog to death sorry if i talk about him to much, I can't help it he's my baby.

Sisters help

My sister is nice enough to help start a blog so here we go. Nat Nat and Jack: ANA Natasha, Nathan and Captain Jack Sparrow.